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Time for change in British politics?

With recent polls and surveys showing the British public disappointed with the existing parties and their leaders, this survey is designed to give everyone across the country a voice in deciding what the country needs from its political system and our elected representatives.

This survey is specifically focused on Westminster representation.

This survey is being conducted on behalf of Renew, a political party registered with the Electoral Commission in Great Britain. The survey is being administered by SOCINT acting as an authorised data processor for the party. Your personal data is gathered and held securely in line with the Renew privacy policy and will not be published. Anonymised results of this survey may be used to create articles, briefings, and visualisations to inform party decision making processes or public discourse.

By proceeding with this survey and completing responses you agree to your answers being collected and analysed, and agree that your information will be held by Renew for the purpose of this research. We will not share your data with anyone else.

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